Nursing Informative Assignment Solution #1

Nursing Informative Assignment

ASSIGNMENT: Select one of the following writing prompts and draft a 3-5 page (approximately 800-1300 words) informative assessment

  •  Prompt B: Extended Definition
  •  Extend the definition of one of the following words beyond either the dictionary’s definition or a societal understanding of the word:
  •  Family
  •  Success
  •  Courage
  •  Art
  •  Beauty
Nursing Informative Assignment
Nursing Informative Assignment
  •  In the introduction of your draft, briefly explain how the dictionary or society defines the word you’ve selected, and then explain the extended definition of the word in a single-sentence thesis towards the end that outlines the main points of extension. In the body paragraphs, provide unique examples and explanations to support these points of the extended definition.
  •  Your thesis must inform your readers of the extended definition and, because you are writing in the informative mode, you must use objective language. writing in the informative mode means avoiding writing in the first-person and/or framing personal examples using objective language.
  •  Draft an extended definition that defines or redefines a word or concept.

HINT: Read the article by Hallie Radcliffe’s titled “Mindfulness: Cutting Through the Noise”

PART 2: Reflection Questions

  •  What is the significance of your assignment ? Why should readers care about what you have written? (2-3 sentences)
  •  Which areas of your draft do you think will benefit most from revision? (2-3 sentences)
  •  Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your assignment. How can you capitalize on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses in future assessments 3-4 sentences)
Nursing Informative Assignment
Nursing Informative Assignment

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