[Solved] Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design – Homework Solution

Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design

What is Curriculum Design?

The term curriculum design is a broad concept that can have many different meanings and applications. At the base level, curriculum design addresses how one creates the learning activities and environment for those engaged in the learning process. As you begin this course, curriculum design will be addressed with a specific focus on learners in an early childhood setting to support children with special needs. The goal of this course is to enhance how early childhood practitioners create meaningful learning experiences for all children in their care while meeting key developmental needs of individuals. When thinking of curriculum design, this applies to an individual activity as well as the plan for the entire week or even the school year.

Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design - Homework Solution
Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design – Homework Solution

As we begin this course, consider what your initial goal is with curriculum design. As you move through the modules, reflect on what you have learned and how it can support your personal and professional goals.

Curriculum Design in ECE

Curriculum design typically follows a standardized structure that can vary slightly based on the specific needs of the learning environment. Some design models must follow a uniform template created by a school. Others may need to use specific materials or follow specific standards. Regardless of the unique requirements, all forms of curriculum design should be intended to support specific learning needs and help individuals achieve goals to enhance learning and development.

ORDER Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design – Homework Solution

In an early childhood setting, the focus of curriculum design is intended to help individual children grow and learn in alignment with their individual learning needs. While academic concepts are often embedded in the ECE curriculum, the focus on curriculum design should be on development and growth.

Early childhood educators use curriculum to support developmental goals and enhance specific domains for individual children in their classroom. For example, ECE practitioners in an infant classroom might design curriculum to support fine and gross motor skills. A teacher in a three-year-old classroom might focus on emotional development as part of the learning plan. What is unique about ECE curriculum design is the focus on supporting the development of the whole child beyond one specific learning area.

Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design - Homework Solution
Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design – Homework Solution

How is curriculum design used?

Curriculum design is used to plan out the learning experience for individuals in the classroom aligned to specific standards and goals. Curriculum design focuses on specific objectives and outlines a plan to support learners mastering concepts or growing in identified areas.

Many programs have a standardized template to guide the design process and to offer consistency between classrooms. When designing your own curriculum, you can find templates online, if you do not already have one for your classroom. When selecting a curriculum design template, it is important to keep in mind the needs of your classroom and select a template that will communicate the plan effectively.

Common Elements Included in a Curriculum Design Template

  • Objectives – The specific learning target of the activity.
  • Goals – The main learning outcome of the activity.
  • Theme – The specific theme for the activity or a specific academic concept associated with the curriculum plan.
  • Topic – What is the main topic of the activity? For example, a theme could be farm animals and the topic could be where each animal lives on the farm to connect with classification.
  • Materials – This section provides a list of materials needed to complete the activity.
  • Step-by-Step instructions – This is the step-by-step guide to lead the learner in the activity. Think of this activity as a recipe. You want anyone using the curriculum plan to be able to follow the intended procedures to execute the activity.
  • Accommodations – What accommodations or changes are needed for the activity to meet the needs of each learner in the classroom? For example, do you need to provide extended time or instructions in another language?
  • Transitions – How do you transition into the activity and out of the activity?

An example of a lesson plan template is found below.

Lesson Plan Template

Please look over the specific areas and comments to gain an idea of what would be included in each area. Note the section that addresses modifications for children with special needs.

Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design - Homework Solution
Module 01 Defining Curriculum Design – Homework Solution

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