[Answered 2024] Capstone Data Analysis Proposal – Homework Solution

[Answered 2024] Capstone Data Analysis Proposal – Homework Solution


For this assignment you will complete a capstone data analysis proposal in a template with an outline format. This document will include content related to the topic you have chosen for your data analysis in this course. As a part of the assignment, you must have a healthcare professional review your document and provide feedback. The reviewer will sign the document to attest that they have reviewed it.

Capstone Data Analysis Proposal - Homework Solution
Capstone Data Analysis Proposal – Homework Solution


Use the Capstone Data Analysis Proposal Template to complete this assignment.

For the assignment:

  1. State the topic in the form of a problem by using the following format:
    • Condition X may result in adverse consequence(s) Y (Source, year).
  2. Conduct a review of authoritative literature related to the topic you chose and select a minimum of 12 current, authoritative sources which directly relate to your selected topic.
  3. Using APA format, list a minimum of twelve authoritative sources directly related to your stated problem and add a sentence or two about how each source relates to the problem.
  4. Make a bullet point list of the factors that cause the problem.
  5. Assign a precise unit of numeric measurement to each factor (percentage, dollars, days, et cetera).
  6. Identify the method of data analysis you plan to conduct (e.g., compliance audit, benchmark variance analysis, cost benefit analysis, et cetera).
  7. Provide a precise description of the data sets you are analyzing.
    • For Path 1, list the precise data sets from your workplace organization that you will be using.
    • Important: For any use of private organizational data, you must obtain written permission to use that data, and you must submit that written permission with your assignment.
    • For Path 2, list any public data sets you will be using.
  8. Include a reference list of the sources you identified in APA format at the end of the document.
  9. Submit your content as a draft to TurnItIn for source verification.
  10. In the TurnItIn report, review all highlighted areas and make any needed corrections.
  11. Have your selected reviewer examine the completed document and provide feedback and sign it to attest to the fact that they have reviewed the document and provided feedback on it.
    • For Path 1, the reviewer will be a healthcare professional from your workplace.
    • For Path 2, the reviewer will be a healthcare professional you have identified who has expertise to evaluate your data analysis proposal.
  12. Submit your completed Capstone Data Analysis Proposal document and any signed permission documents in the Assignment area.

Additional Requirements

  • Document Format: Use the provided Capstone Data Analysis Proposal Template to create your data analysis proposal.
  • Document Length: Respond to all prompts in the template.
  • Supporting Evidence: Include at least 12 academic or scholarly sources that match in-text citations.
    • Supporting evidence may include current accrediting body standards, industry standards, and government agency reports, including such sources as the AHA, National Academy of Medicine, Harvard Business Review (HBR), et cetera.
  • APA Formatting: Format in-text citations and references according to current APA style and formatting. Evidence and APALinks to an external site. can help with this.
  • Submission Requirements: Submit your Capstone Data Analysis Proposal and any signed permission documents as one file in the Assignment area.

Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and rubric criteria:

  • Competency 1: Execution: Translate strategy to develop and maintain optimal organizational performance in health care settings.
    • Provide a precise description of data sets being analyzed.
    • Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.
  • Competency 4: Change Leadership: Apply evidence-based change leadership practices in complex, dynamic healthcare environments.
    • State the topic for a data analysis in the form of a problem in a specified format.
    • Conduct a review of current, relevant authoritative literature related to a topic for a data analysis and cite at least 12 authoritative sources in APA format that are related to a stated problem and explain how each relates to the problem.
    • Articulate the major factors that contribute to a selected problem as stated in a problem statement and assign precise units of measurement to each factor.
  • Competency 5: Team Development: Develop high-performing teams by inspiring individual excellence and leading talent development in healthcare organizations.
    • Identify the method to be used for a data analysis and obtain feedback on the method and data analysis proposal from a healthcare professional.

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