[Answered 2024] PSYC338 ASSIGNMENT: Applied Final Project Topic: Homework Solution

[Answered 2024] PSYC338 ASSIGNMENT: Applied Final Project Topic: Homework Solution


Applied Final Project Topic

This semester you will write an Applied Final Project titled, A Historical Debate Project.  The paper will be due during Week 7 of the semester.  The paper provides you an opportunity to assesses your comprehension of course materials by creating a fictitious discussion panel where you will explore topics from this course.

PSYC338 ASSIGNMENT: Applied Final Project Topic
PSYC338 ASSIGNMENT: Applied Final Project Topic

This week, you will select a specific topic for the panel discussion and come up with at least half of the panel members for your fictitious discussion. You may want to look ahead at some of the later sections in the course to ensure that you have considered all available topics.  Looking ahead will also help you think about different concepts that might apply to the topic you select. I encourage you to first review the Final Project Instructions to ensure you have a full understanding of the Final Paper you will be submitting in Week 7. Once you have done so:

Post Here: In this forum, share with the class 1) your topic area (e.g., the role of gender in various religions) for the Applied Final Project, and 2) identify and describe at least half of your panel members (remember, your final paper will need 8-10 panel members), including their specialization and why you chose them as an expert to sit on this fictitious panel discussion.

You will need to include at least one citation for each panel member (remember, sources such as Wikipedia will not be accepted in professional papers) that provides a quotation from a journal or other relevant academic, authoritative source that represents that panelist’s attitude or findings regarding gender and the topic you have selected in APA Format.


  • This post will serve as the submission of your topic for approval. Your post MUST include the topic AND a thorough description (as defined above) of at least 4 -5 members of your discussion panel for approval. DO NOT just post a topic without outlining your panel members.  Looking ahead at the chapters/material may be necessary.
  • Please, be sure NOT to duplicate any topic and panel that already been claimed. (See Suggestions below).
  • Peer-reviewed sources are required for this project. Sources such as Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable for this project.


The instructions for the Applied Final Project include suggestions for approaching and creating an assignment topic. It is highly encouraged that you fully review those instructions before submitting this assignment.

Feel free to provide helpful ideas and/or comments on your classmates’ topics to assist them with the assignment (not required).

Looking Ahead:

Once you have received my approval of your topic, you can proceed to the next portion of the assignment. This includes identifying the remaining half of your fictitious panel and creating the full dialogue and follow-up interview which should be created by you based on what is known from the writings, interviews, etc. from each panel member. The final paper will be submitted in Week 7 (See Week 7 Activities for the further instructions).

PSYC338 ASSIGNMENT: Applied Final Project Topic


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